Technology According to Experts, Know the Benefits and Types

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| Understanding Technology According to Experts

In this age of development, many people are involved in their daily activities. Different sectors then use technology to help their activities.

His general knowledge is like a science investigating strategies to create tools to facilitate systems performing various human tasks. So experts have their knowledge and techniques.

Another definition is a systematic discussion of applied arts or woodwork. It also refers to the Greek text, which relates to technology from the word techne, which means art discourse.

1. Capra

Technology is a systematic discussion of applied arts or carpentry. It is itself derived from the word techne, which refers to literature from Greece and art discourse.

2. Gary J. Anglin

According to Gary, the human and natural sciences and the use of various other knowledge are systematically and systematically aimed at solving human problems.

3. Manuel Castells

Technology is a set of tools, rules, and procedures that represent the application of scientific knowledge to a specific task under conditions that allow repetition.

4. Miarso

Technology is a strategic way to add value. The operating process itself may use or generate specific products that are not separated from other products. He then also stated that technology is an essential part of specific programs.

5. Toynbee

Understanding technology is a sign of the existence of human dignity, which proves that people cannot survive on food alone but need more than that.

| Technology Benefits

Technology has many benefits in a variety of areas, including:

1. The benefits of technology for business

Business people certainly have many benefits, one of which is increased profits. Business owners will find their businesses online.

You can start a home business with just a few pieces of equipment and capital. It can certainly save costs and reduce operating costs.

2. Advantages of Banking Technology

Currently, deposits and withdrawals can be made online. With advances in information technology, you no longer need to save or collect money in the office during working hours. There are many non-stop ATMs all over the city. This course saves time and money.

3. Advantages of technology in education

As technology advances, the internet will add insight and knowledge you cannot find in books. You first need to go directly to the desired school with school registration. We started using online registration, which is considered time-saving and efficient.

Many schools are supporting distance learning even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the internet means, Teachers can connect with teachers without face-to-face meetings.

4. Benefits of Telecommunication Technology

It is easy to use different technologies with information. Long-distance communication with foreign countries will be done easily and quickly.

Until now, it was easy to communicate with all the people in the world with smartphones through social media.

5. The advantages of technology in the healthcare sector

Technology can help improve hospital or clinic operations. Earlier the patient medical history was recorded only in the card file, but now the record is also recorded in the computer.
This makes it easier for authorities to quickly obtain patient medical records. This computer-based medical record contains patient clinical data from the results of a doctor's examination or test results.

6. Transportation technology advantage

Transportation technology is a tool that helps people move from place to place quickly. This inclusion makes human mobility more efficient. Examples include trains, Airplanes, electric trains, and cars.

7. The advantages of technology in agriculture

Farming or farming uses technology with machinery or specific farming methods. It aims to increase the production of agricultural products. Examples of these include tractors, grain dryers, seed separators, and many other machines.

8. Technical advantages in the field of artificial intelligence AI

As a branch of computers, it aims to achieve intelligence and is then defined by machines. This technology spans many disciplines, including mathematics, philosophy, engineering psychology, neuroscience, computer economics, and control theory. Examples of artificial intelligence include Google’s virtual assistant recommendation features on digital platforms and others.

| Benefits of Technology in Daily Life

In addition to the fact that it can be divided into several technologies, it will bring many benefits in all areas. Below are some of the benefits of everyday life.

1. Easy to receive information

A significant positive aspect of technological development is easy to access to information internally and externally. Today unlike before, I have no problem buying magazines.

To read the news or get the latest news, open Google and request the latest information. Google will automatically display news and articles, and you can click on one of the headlines to read the text.

2. Easy to communicate

A messaging application that can send both voice and text messages to mobile phones that can be easily shared. Unlike earlier, communication should be sent to the office by post. This letter may not reach the recipient directly. It takes time for both the doctor and the therapist.

In modern times, you can send a message or information to someone by opening a messaging app. You can send messages directly using the Messages app, which is received after they are shipped. It costs nothing and takes a lot of time.

3. Learning to be easier

If you buy one book, you can get many books for free, even if the price is not low. Besides being easy to read, the book will also speed up the teaching and learning process. The benefits of these technological advances are significant for students and teachers alike.

4. Shopping more efficiently

In the past, you had to go to the market and other places. You can order your various needs using our online shopping application. Then pay and wait for your order to arrive at home without leaving home.

The time to submit orders is short. You can buy to your heart’s content anytime without worrying about closing it by not opening your mouth. In addition, it is only compatible with mobile phones and laptops, making life easier because you don’t have to spend much time or cut corners.

| Types of Technology

There are many types of technology, including the following.

1. Information technology is a technique that helps people quickly and efficiently share information with others.

2. Communication technology is a technology that allows people to send and receive information from each other using special devices.

3. Medical technology relates to medical science, where medical activities use medical technology.

4. Transportation technology is a technology that helps people move from one place to another in a short period.

5. Building technology is technology related to buildings.

| The Impact of Technology on People's Social Life

Community and social environment cannot be separated because we know that people need each other as a social environment. Sociology says that people are single beings and need to communicate with each other.

However, let's consider the facts in today's society's social life of today's society. It seems that we must re-examine and re-examine the concept of society with elements of trade and direct communication. Time and social technology have changed the ways of life and the institutions of modern society. The highly developed technology is an essential factor in human social life today.

The emergence of practical and efficient social media and communication tools resulted from the birth of individualistic and selfish people. People tend to do more pragmatic things to interact socially. Creating direct social contact is considered a waste of time rather than complex and outdated.

One of the factors causing a social decline in society is the emergence of distrust of one's environment, even in direct circumstances such as the work environment or family environment. This is because a lot of criminal activity is usually caused by the people around you. People tend to do things alone or through communication tools to interact without meeting face to face.

Personal or face-to-face communication is efficient and effective. Still, we must understand that people are born social beings, and to create a healthy and balanced social life, they must interact directly with those around them. Not a life of social pride.

In essence, be careful with technology because we can be negligent and end up regretting it. It is always wise to use technology as it should and not overdo it.

| Closing

Thus the explanation of the understanding of technology according to experts, the types of technology in everyday life, the benefits of technology, the types of technology, and the impact of technology on people's social life.

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